Dear Thinking Kenyan,

2013 elections are upon us and with it the disruption of economic life as our hired servants do what they do best; bribing, cheating and manipulating the weakest voters with vague promises.

I wish to invite volunteers for an interim tender committee to plan a public online and offline fund raising campaign for the development and operation of an “ONLINE KENYA 2013 VOTE INTELLIGENCE SOFTWARE PLATFORM AIMED AT INCREASING VOTER INTELLIGENCE AND ENSURING THE BEST POSSIBLE 2013 ELECTIONS OUTCOME.

Tentative functions and features of the platform include:
– Impossibility to take down or block e.g. using a P2P Protocol
– Expert moderated discussion and voting forums covering:
> Constitution and derivative policies
> All regional and international treaties entered on our behalf
> All mining and infrastructure concessions issued to foreigners
– Review each county’s problems and prioritize opportunities
– Review the nation’s problems and prioritize opportunities
– Review all aspiring politicians for suitability to lead
– Head hunt potential leaders for motivation and support to lead
– Development and dissemination of a voter electioneering strategy
– Managing all aspects of execution of the developed strategy

The working hypothesis is that a very compelling set of voter requirements and voter driven campaign strategy can be developed that will obsolete the apathy, ignorance and arrogance that lead to 2007/8 massacre and destruction, while paving the way to institutionalize the best political system in the world – DIGITAL DIRECT DEMOCRACY (Refer to Switzerland’s political system

• Please contribute to the above requirements
• Please volunteer yourself for the interim committee and future roles
• If you run a reputable software development firm, please prepare to tender with additional requirements and work portfolio

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