You are a busy professional or diasporite with leadership/management capability and access to capital.

You wish to become a technology innovation business owner in Africa but not quite ready to jump into the wild until you see some real cash flow

Using your own or globally sourced intellectual property, I can help you up the startup pyramid by rabidly testing and improving ideas you can manage until a profitable product/market fit is established.

–          Pre-feasibility and feasibility studies

–          Virtual and functional prototyping and testing

–          Setting up a scalable production system and thoroughly training initial staff

–          Custom production of a small initial batch or full contract manufacturing services

We can do this remotely as you polish up your business plan, boost your war chest and endear prospects

My fees will include IP Management/Product Development Services and 10% sales revenues  for a duration determined by exclusivity demands, IP ownership and my knowledge asset contribution.

You may or may not offer equity if that works better for you.

The following start up ideas are available capitalisation:

–          Ethanol cookstoves and small scale home-based ethanol production

–          E-procurement of industrial/construction materials

–          Crowd funding websites with M-Pesa integration

–          Extraction, packaging and sales of essential oils (eucalyptus, lemon grass, vanilla…)

–          Automated brick making machinery manufacture

–          Vehicle time- share ICT automation infrastructure

–          Organic and inorganic fertiliser manufacture

–          Processing and packaging of various food crops

–          Solar powered irrigation and water pumping systems

–          Concentrated Solar-Thermal energy conversion

–          Wind energy conversion turbines

–          Edible oil extraction and packaging from various plant life

–          Micro-lite sports helicopters/fixed wing (research into local aviation law required)

–          Synthetic fuel manufacture from hydrocarbon waste

–          Low thermal energy recovery engines from industrial and geothermal sources

–          Speed boat, catamarans, hover craft building and maintenance

–          Street legal automobiles and walk-behind tractors

–          Fuel cells, Modular houses

–          …. and many many more depending on your competence, capital and creativity.

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