OCSMP Model User Training

We have secured a deal with a European training company to provide professional ONLINE training to African Engineers, Scientists, Technologists, Systems Practitioners…on SysML Modelling and Simulation focused on preparation for the “OCSMP Model User Exam” offered by the Object Modelling Group (OMG) – which you can complete online from any VUE/Pearsons test centre globally.

The classes are quite small (6 persons) because the experience is heavily practice oriented and is conducted by seasoned professionals in Systems Engineering.

SysML is set to be the world standard for Specification, Verification and Validation of Complex Systems integrating practitioners from a wide variety of fields to collaborate on Systems Architecture and Engineering (think Tower of Babel).

A good number of American universities are now training their young engineers in this language and related methodologies so if you are a university student, this training will give you globally marketable skills.

If you are a software engineer using Universal Modelling Language (UML), SysML is built on UML and goes beyond software to hardware, organisational processes, facilities…E.g. It is much easier to specify a space shuttle in SysML than in UML 🙂

Cost per mind is about $1900, first come first served. You will be expected to register separately for OMG certification.

Please contact me if interested, I will run with the first 6 persons.

<apollosande@gmail.com // +254-729-223-416>

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